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The Church Library Resource Center at Monument Heights Baptist was established August 13, 1961. It provides many services and benefits for every age group preschool through adults as well as for church programs and leaders. Our collections consist primarily of Christian material, but also include many selections of good fiction, non-fiction and biography books, DVD’s, CD’s, audio books, commentaries, dictionaries, atlases, concordances, study kits and magazines that will edify, educate and entertain. It is our goal to provide the latest releases while maintaining older classics. Everything is available to be checked out as long as as a membership card has been completed. 

Library Resource Center Mission Statement

The Church Library Resource Center seeks to provide media resources, information, materials, and services to church members, leaders and others to advance learning about God; to stimulate Christian growth, to enhance the quality of worship, proclamation, witness, nurture, education and ministry. 


Church Library Resource Center Hours:

Sunday: 9:15 am – 10:55 am (15 minutes following worship service)

Wednesday: 5:45 pm  – 7:15 pm

Thursday: 9:30 am – 12:00 pm (Weekly Story Time)

Other Times by Request

Library Director, Lee Smith and Assistant Director, Donna Pennell can be contacted at or call the church office (804) 285-3256. 

We are located on the main hallway across from the choir room. We invite everyone to come in and peruse our selection or just pull up a chair and relax with a good book, have a cup of coffee and fellowship. We hope the Church Library Resource Center will become your favorite place to visit!

Gift Donations

The most common and preferred gift is monetary which is used for the purchase of new materials and furnishings. The donor and Library Director may determine specific needs regarding the choice of gift. Honorary and memorial gifts are valuable to our library ministry. 

Selection Policy

Materials are accurate in facts, spiritual interpretation and doctrine; objective in content when related to denominational groups and other religions; constructive in influence, morally sound and reflect Christian standards of high literary or technical quality, including sound educational methods to aid in learning. 

Donation Policy

Donations of gently used or new materials are accepted and must meet the same standards of the selection policy. Items may be added to our collection, given to persons needing resources or other church libraries. Unless specified, the donations will not be returned to the donor. The library staff reserves the right to accept or reject all materials. We ask that they be within 10 years of publication date, not yellowed, torn, written in or damaged.